Using SCRUM with ASAP

Ron Stanton sent me a mail asking how SCRUM works with our implementation methodology — ASAP for Implementation. While SAP does have a SCRUM methodology that we use — SAPScrum — it is an internal approach used for solution development.  SAPScrum is pretty straight SCRUM, so there’s no mystery to it.

We just started a project to make ASAP more agile-friendly, we’re a little ways from publishing it. For now, below are a few general guidelines in using SCRUM in an ASAP environment.

  1. The first principle is to remember that the SAP solution(s) serves as the development platform or environment. It isn’t simply an application to which you’re integrating.
  2. Of course, a product backlog should be one of the outputs of the Blueprint phase. The product backlog should be mapped to the processes here (as part of identifying testing scenarios).
  3. Appropriate prioritization of the backlog is critical in an SAP environment. In particular, non-technical product owners often forget to include integration dependencies as one of the prioritization criteria.
  4. Sprints need to synch with the various ASAP configuration/testing cycles (e.g., unit test, string test, etc) for the overall solution.
  5. It is critical to ensure that custom development sprints are scheduled so that the sprint output delivers to the relevant testing cycle.
  6. Most ASAP config/testing cycles are typically 2-4 weeks long, so one sprint:one config/test cycle is reasonable. If the project is especially large — with longer config/test cycles — then consider nesting sprints within those longer cycles.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Paul

    Very interested to hear more about ASAP making more agile. Will this be a topic on this years TechEd?
    I am currently involved in the first Agile SAP project in the Netherlands ( and I am very enthusiastic on the Agile topic within the SAP world.

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Twan,
    I doubt that this will be presented at TechEd. The first drafts of the revised methodology were scheduled to be delivered right about now (mid-July).

    Of course, now that I’m no longer w/ SAP, I’m out of the loop on those timelines.


  3. Paul,

    Since you are no longer at SAP, do you know who one might contact at SAP regarding Agile ASAP.


    • Hi Shane,
      Sorry, but I haven’t seen that SAP has done anything with this topic since I was there. I’m someone from SAP is reading…any news?

      Best, Paul

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