PMI and Agilests?

Cats and dogs, living together...

Cats and dogs, living together...

Greg Balestrero — CEO of the Project Management Institute — recently posted (here) on his experiences at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando.  In my experience, Greg and the PMI staff have been very eager to foster a better relationship among the various methodology camps.  Per Greg’s post,

[t]he intent of the visit was to bridge the gap between the Scrum Alliance and PMI. But I guess the real reason we attended was to dispel the myths that surround the PMBOK® Guide and Agile practice. There is a widely held opinion that the PMBOK® Guide and Agile don’t mix… they can’t be “shaken, nor stirred” together. 

Please read the post…it gives an interesting perspective on how to build alliances among disparate points of view and how to overcome misconceptions.


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  1. Paul,
    The notion that Agile and PMBOK can’t be “shaken or stirred” was of course never true. DOE and DoD has been integrating agile development processes into formal project methjods for years. As the PMO, I participated in the intergation of XP on CMMI ML 3 development efforts for nuclear safety and safeguard sofwtare. XP used used for flight avionics on Lockheed Martin Atlas launch vehicle.

    What’s missing on both side (agile and uninformed PMI’ers) is the notion that PM processes are not product development processes and prod uct development processes are not PM processes.

    One clarifying approach is CMMI-DEV V1.2 and see what the Technical Engieering process areas and he Support and Project Management Process Areas describe in the SCAMPI narrative. Scrum is a Technical Product Development “method” that has connections to Requirements Management. The Project Management Group does not overlap (or overlaps very little) with the Scrum activities.

    The thing that keeps them apart is the short sighted view that “I’ve got the answer” on the part of both parties.

    In the parlance of our domain (defense) this is simply poor leadership and management. I’m happy to see Greg recognize an opportunity. Now if the agile community will start to see that the PM processes are needed to augment the techncial development processes – we’ll has a match made in heaven for the IT community. One that has been in place several years here in defense systems.

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