Explaining “Speed vs. Thoroughness” trade-offs

I was asked recently about how to balance quick delivery vs. complete (or enough) scope.  Unfortunately, my initial answer sounded lame even as I was explaining it… I later remembered a better example of how to aim for “quick-but-real” wins while planning and executing broader and deeper solutions to the issues at hand.

Such trade-offs are, of course, the life-blood of managing initiatives.  And, of course, one may will have to spend a bit more in resources to get speed and thoroughness (that pesky triple constraint… here and here).  But there’s also the risk management angle to consider.

In particular, the ability to deliver on both “fast” and “thorough” tracks is essential in organizational or business change projects.  Properly targeted and communicate “quick-but-real” deliverables are excellent responses to the risk of poor or no acceptance by stakeholders.  This approach is a way of buying cheap insurance (I know, I know…insurance is a different response type technically) against much bigger risk impacts down the road.


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