Last Day at SAP

It is hard to believe that this day has come…but it has.   Monday, 15 June is my last day at SAP. 

I will join Mead Johnson — — a pediatric nutrition company that was recently carved out of Bristol Myers Squibb.  One of my first areas of focus will be the portfolio of activities required to execute Mead Johnson’s transition into a fully-independent public company.

While my new role will not be SAP-centric, my new company uses SAP solutions as the backbone of its business technology strategy. That means I won’t be far from the SAP ecosystem, so I’m sure that I’ll run into some of you before too long.

I’ve kept Crossderry quiet while I completed my last transition activities at SAP.  However, I plan to start posting again shortly.

7 Responses

  1. Good luck Paul. We’ll definitely miss you.

  2. Congrats Paul. I look forward to hearing the new chapter…

  3. Best of luck in the new venture into new worlds!

  4. Hurry back to Crossderry … I’m missing my quote of the day!

  5. I miss quote of the day as well.

  6. Good luck Paul … I was just about to ask you some SAP questions!


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