Management + Leadership = Ordered Liberty

As part of my blog reanimation, I popped over to Bas de Baar’s “Project Shrink” blog for a few ideas. Lo and behold, Bas had a brief post (w/ Crossderry link) and a video clip with his take on the difference between project management and project leadership.

Bas opposes “dependence vs. independence” to capture the difference between management and leadership. There is a great insight in that distinction, because it  brings the concept of entrepreneurship to the project world (where it is sorely lacking, IMO).  Al Gore’s policy entrepreneurship on the environment — notwithstanding the many issues I have with Gore’s substantive case — makes a great leadership contrast to Bas’s Ag Department bureaucrat.

As Bas closed the clip, he mentioned that “we need both [management and leadership]”.  This aside gets to the crux of the matter, IMO.  We need to have some combination of manager/leader.  

Bas’s policy-focused metaphors of bureaucrat vs. entrepreneur also brought to mind the concept of ordered liberty:  “freedom limited by the need for order in society. ”  That phrase neatly captures the paradox of  vision versus/and plan.


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  1. You are definitly right about a combination of management and leadership. But i also feel too much can be a bad thing, it really does disrupt co workers idea flow and collaberation together when they keep being interupted by a superior. Iv been looking into project management software lately with companies like and a few others but what they really emphasize are managing projects and task whether it be everyday or long term milestones for not only workers but leaders and managers as well. It helps to collaberate everyone together almost like a “facebook” of sorts. Its extremely effective and efficient, so just some thoughts of my own since i have been looking into ideas like yours lately with management and leadership in the workplace but also the effects it has you know? So let me know what you think about my ideas.

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