“Live” prototying/proof of concepts

It has been a busy few weeks here at MJN as we get the transition to stand-alone rolling. Like many large programs, our main transformation initiative — Sunrise (nice name, eh?) — sometimes acts as if it were the first program of any importance ever executed. Its size and stature also obscure other major initiatives.

We have been, however, executing global HR and LIMS (laboratory information mgmt system) implementations all along. One of the ways we keep these programs spotlighted is to communicate lessons learned from these global projects. One of our Global LIMS leaders — Brent Endsley — yesterday went through lessons learned from a pilot he lead in our Nijmegen plant.

Brent highlighted a concept — the “live” pilot — that I hadn’t seen before. We used the new Global LIMS prototype with [relatively] real data in parallel with real production systems and work — in essence the team brought a conference room pilot to the plant floor. While I’ve seen parallel work in testing and controlled go-lives, synching live and prototype systems struck me as particularly clever and effective.


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  1. Good idea. Transition is always the scariest part of any large program so whatever you can do to ensure a smooth transition is definitely a good idea. I always try to embed Model Office testing in my program – the closer the model office can get to the final environment the more successful it will be.

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