Portents of Impending Doom

...and another thing: I told everyone that we needed daily meetings!

How do you know if a project or program is going off the rails?  IMO, the first signs show up where you might expect, in communications.  Remember that the core of project communications consists of presenting the progress, status, and forecast for the various elements the project is supposed to deliver.

Perhaps that is the first sign: project communications don’t substantively cover at least one of those three elements.  For example, I get worried when issue reviews only contain the issues’ current condition (status) with giving a sense of what was done (progress) or what remains to be done (forecast). 

Neglecting or ignoring an issue’s “bigger” picture — e.g., a timeline of what was done and what comes next — has been a warning sign that there isn’t much of a plan behind those issues.  Without putting the issues into context, the review can devolve into an “Airing of Grievances” that has nothing to do with moving the project forward.

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