Know your numbers

You want FedSpeak? Syntax, destroy I will...

…especially if you’re supposed to be a numbers person.

James Bullard, President of the St. Louis Fed, was on CNBC this morning talking QE2.  His comments weren’t particularly noteworthy — at least to me — until the conversation turned to what happened next with QE2 itself.

The headshaker happened when Becky Quick asked him how much QE2 remained… “$250B to $300B”, she ventured.  I was shocked that Bullard didn’t seem to know — he ventured that the Fed was about “half-done”.

Isn’t that the one number you’d think a Fed President would have burned into his brain?  It shocked me that he couldn’t be more confident or clear (and no, this didn’t sound like FedSpeak).  Was he being cagey about the number?  If so, why?

Anyway, it reinforced a lesson that there are certain facts and figures that one simply must know to convey one’s command of the topic.  Maybe I’m missing something here, but the remaining QE2 “balance” isn’t exactly minutia!

One Response

  1. …well, it’s because the fed isn’t federal(being in
    private hands, so far undisclosed as to whom), and it isn’t a bank. it’s the apparatus that collects the
    tribute we’re paid by other county’s around the
    world(that we are renting). at the moment, or
    any moment, a director of same can be excused
    for not knowing who has made payments,
    whether they are full payments or installments
    on what are euphemistically called loans by
    the IMF, how much of that loan was used to
    blot the roast beef banquet of particular landlords,
    ah, rulers involved. it’s an ever changing situation,
    and we are shylock on the wings of what are essentially crimes against the peoples whose
    countrys are involved. pax americana is really
    tax americana.

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