‘Pocket Neighborhoods’ For Sustainable Suburbs

I loved this Atlantic piece about “pocket neighborhoods”, though the suburbs weren’t the application that first came to mind.  This design philosophy appears perfect for those “blighty” neighborhoods I see in town, just off the core.  They’re often convenient locations that become marginal because of a dodgy block or a rundown house (or three). 

Unfortunately, most of our redevelopment arsenal destroys the village in order to save it.  I’m not just talking about old-school urban renewal with its high-rise projects and sterile plazas.  The mixed-use redevelopment now in vogue tends to a gigantism that overwhelms the character of the surviving neighborhood, even if there’s a nod to affordability in the planning.  On the other hand, single home approaches — think Habitat for Humanity — can fix a house or two.  However, they can stick out like a crude cap on a broken tooth.

Pocket neighborhoods are an intriguing response to this challenge.   They have enough scale to completely repair parts of bad blocks — like a well-fitted crown replaces a bad tooth — while connecting to the still-vibrant villages beside them.   If well done, they also don’t scream “I’m poorly-built affordable housing”!


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