Ranchers and Farmers…living together!

Nice post here by Hass Chapman on hunter-gatherers, play & software development.   I can definitely relate to the way of working outlined.  While we were hunter-gatherers, we did take to agriculture eventually. 

That move is not natural for me, though.  I’m more of a rancher than a farmer.   The challenge for me, therefore, is how to accommodate other styles of work. 

To highlight potential role mismatches, I fall back on models like the “finders, grinders, minders” consulting model David Maister popularized.   Consulting comes to mind because I’ve often heard customers say: “I’d like the folks who built it to be the ones who support it.”  That sounds plausible in theory, but that usually involves taking a “grinder” and making him/her a “minder”.  Which rarely works unless that person is explicitly looking to change his/her lifestyle.


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