Blueprint? RDS don’t need no stinkin’ Blueprint

Strong SAP SDN post by Mark Chaffen on SAP RDS (Rapid Deployment Solutions) and the case of the missing Blueprint.   I’ve only started to dig in to the topic, so these are my (likely half-baked) first thoughts:

  • On balance “no Blueprint” is good.  Its exclusion reinforces that a RDS implementation is of a fixed, limited scope.  There must always be some sort of scope statement, of course, and its there.  Unfortunately, “Blueprint” seems to equal “everything and the kitchen sink” in some SI’s SAP glossaries!  Wise to make a clean break in the lexicon.
  • Avoid Death by Change Order.   RDS is designed to deliver only what one needs to execute — the wish list comes later.  Only fill in regulatory, statutory, or other compliance gaps during the initial implementation; otherwise make a conscious decision to remaining requirements into  backlogs that get burned down release-by-release. 
  • RDS still too “new solution” oriented.  There are other ways to expand a SAP footprint… how about RDS for acquisitions, divestitures, or other growth/transformation scenarios?

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