Three comments on Michael Krigsman’s: The devalued future of IT in a marketing world

I had three quick points re: Michael Krigsman’s provocatively titled post “The Devalued Future of IT in a Marketing World“. This situation is as much opportunity as it is threat, so be proactive when addressing: 1.) Embrace your firm’s ability to shift funds from SG&A to revenue-generating functions. That was the idea behind more efficient and effective IT, right? 2.) Ensure that marketing colleagues are choosing their spend, not just deciding.. It is great that they want to decide spend…but not “all they can eat.”. In other words, drive portfolio prioritization of alternatives (don’t accept “all of the above”). 3.) Drive benefits measurement and realization. Probably the biggest gap in all PMOs across functions. A good first step is to insist on explicit value measurement plans in project plans.

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  1. […] realization has been a theme of mine for years: here, here, and here. In fact, I’d move it to #1 in the list I gave to Michael Krigsman about the threat […]

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