Custom Learning Drives Transformation

The trend is unmistakable: elearning is here to stay. According to research by eLearning Industry, this instructional method has grown by over 9% in the past five years. One area in particular stood out for us:

… The online corporate market is expected to grow by 13% per year up to 2017. Today, 77% of USA companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees.
… Large companies are the main purchasers of eLearning products and services. As a matter of fact, these companies make up roughly 30% of all eLearning buyers.

And this makes sense. To drive change and improvement, organizations need their training to directly address their unique needs. And most companies realize that workers already have numerous priorities, both work and personal, clamoring for thier attention. Using eLearning erases some of the barriers to professional development, so it’s a win-win for both company and employee. Check out some statistics on business value of customized training here.

eLearning is the 21st-century way to deliver knowledge around your organization and even around the world. But the value doesn’t stop there; digitized content is the streamlined way to provide learning that is tailored to an industry, a company, or even a role within that company. At PM College, we get that … that’s why our approach focuses on what you need to drive compliance, understanding, and change. We do not simply say: “Here’s what have on the shelf, do you want one?” Instead, each course is tailored for your organization, your audiences, and your content. We’ve designed, managed, and delivered both virtual and self-paced content.

Did you know that PM College works with clients to build digital content from the ground up? Our instructional design and development capabilities are what make us different from other professional development providers. And that puts us on the leading edge of the wave that eLearning Industry‘s study describes.

This post originally appeared on the PM College blog.

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