The Benefits of Career-Oriented Education

Here’s an extract of an interview I did for Central Connecticut State University’s Continuing Education Blog.

Tell us about PM College. What educational opportunities do you offer?

PM College creates and delivers learning for strategy execution topics such as strategy, leadership, portfolio and project management.

What sets you apart from other schools or organizations offering career-oriented training programs?

Our programs don’t simply deliver pre-packaged content. We work with clients to tailor learning to their organization’s needs and opportunities. Furthermore, our clients leverage our research to assess their talent’s skills and competencies, which allows us to design targeted development experiences (e.g., training, coaching/mentoring, job rotation).

How important are training/educational programs like yours to the success of an individual or an organization?

Most clients use learning as a platform to support those taking on new roles. Our best clients use training, assessment and mentoring services…

Please read the rest of my interview here.


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