2008 Snug Harbor Parade Pics

Snug Harbor, RI is the little port about a mile from our house.  It is for fishing and recreation only — Galilee is the working port — but it has a bit of character.  23 years ago, a bunch of local folks got together and started marching around the neighborhood for someone’s birthday (or so the story goes).

Here’s the banner (keep scrolling for more pics)

Of course, the fire engines and flags are big hits.  Jon always waves — well after a bit of prompting because he’s awestruck —  as they go by.

 Another nice tradition is lunacy, not to put too fine a point on it.  Most of the parade is made up of folks who just decided to do something wacky.  My personal favorite was the Narragansett Rod and Reel Precision Drill Team

I’m not quite sure what the drum major here was into…

I’m not sure whether the mass of bubbles from “The Little Mermaid” float come through in this shot, but this it was very cute… 

No parade would be complete without the Good Humor man; the truck it was a nice, clean restoration.  Of course, the clown who was trailing the truck did have us worried.

But the clown did have popsicles so he wasn’t all bad…

Finally, a couple of random pics…this is a mostly original old four-wheeler.  I don’t know the make or model, but it was running strong (I screwed up the picture of the cherry Model A).

And last, but not least, the Gloucester Light Infantry marched at Snug Harbor.  Jon got a rise out of the musket fire, though they mercifully were about 50 yards away…


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