Thanks to my peers on the Global Corporate Council

Not my leadership role model...

Not my leadership role model...

In the latest in an occasional series of horn-tooting posts, I’m pleased that my colleagues in PMI’s Global Corporate Council recently selected me to join the council’s leadership team. 

I’m currently serving as First Vice Chair; in April 2009 I’ll succeed Steven Borowski from Accenture as the council’s Chair.

Interview on The Pakistani Spectator blog

I had been interviewed for old media before, but I just completed my first blog-focused quiz with The Pakistani Spectator (my interview is here).  Thanks to Ms. Ghazala Khan for asking, arranging, and conducting the interview.

It’s a group blog that is true to its tag-line — A Candid Blog — with tons of contributors with views and topics across every part of the spectrum.  An interesting exercise in free speech, warts and all.

Of course, I’ve really moved up in the world…back in the day, most of my interviews started something like this:

You have the right to remain silent…  ;-)

They love me…they really love me!

Sorry for channeling my inner Sally Field — better than channeling my inner Scoble, I suppose — but I was pretty excited to see Crossderry on HR World’s top 100 management and leadership blogs list (here).  Even better, I didn’t have to fork over a “facilitation fee,” pay the Dash, or give anyone “Christmas in advance.”

Thanks to everyone who has given me feedback, advice, and encouragement.

Oh, and spare a thought for my poor family, I’ll be insufferable for weeks.

Self referential post #2 — Updated CV and LinkedIn Profile

And speaking of PR challenged, I just went through my first CV update with a professional resume writer.  They also provided me w/ a short bio I could leverage for my LinkedIn profile (here).

I was warned that I would be a “little overwhelmed by the intensity and wording of a professionally prepared resume. It’s strange and a little uncomfortable to read about yourself in an aggressively-written marketing style.”

Completely agree!  Not that self-aggrandizement doesn’t come easily to me — I live the saying “often wrong, but never in doubt” — but I was used to my somewhat modest recitation of what I did.  It took a few days to appreciate the focus on what I had accomplished (or what accomplishments I could somehow be plausibly be tied to).   A worth-while process all in all.

The finished CV is here.

Self-referential post #1…highest blog view day by far

Perhaps it was Cinco de Mayo, perhaps it was my pellucid prose, or perhaps it was the great comments lately.  Whatever…today was by far the biggest day on Crossderry (almost double the previous high).  That on top of Crossderry’s #1 week.

I hope this doesn’t break my vow of silence, but thanks to my pro bono blog consultant who took pity on this prose and PR-challenged project manager and gave some great advice.  Which advice I’ve tried to implement, however haltingly.

Thanks again to everyone…

m = F/a

Finally broke the inertia and got the blog started.  I hope I can keep up the momentum!

My focus is on getting initiatives to produce something useful, so we’re going to chat a lot about strategy execution, knowledge management, and project, program, and portfolio management.  Also, since I lead an enterprise PMO of sorts, I’ll put out a bit of chaff on starting, growing, and succeeding with project management organizations.

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