Best and Worst Project Names

The name of an initiative is an oft-overlooked aspect of communications.  You’ll get a decent name if you work with an experienced OCM crew.  However, the most effective names I’ve seen weren’t focus-group tested so to speak.  Here they are:

  • Everest: Used for a SAP project that was challenging with a tight time line; however, the customer expected good returns from the initiative.  This name conveyed these attributes well: Everest is dangerous, has a short climbing window, and signifies the ultimate achievement.
  • OASIS: This was an acronym used to describe a SAP upgrade for a customer that had had a troubled initial implementation.  The name conveyed danger and privation.  More importantly, it reflected the key goal of the project: to provide a stable and modern ERP platform (the customer had waited years to upgrade).

Finally, I have a soft spot in my heart for Project BOHICA, a name we used on a project simulation team.  I’ve always wanted to use that one “for real”.

Any other best or worst names?


Updated ASAP for Implementation Roadmap — WBS features

Will executives understand this...

Will executives understand this WBS?

Back to business after a few less-than-serious posts….  The latest ASAP for Implementation roadmap (overview page here, NOTE: requires registration to was recently updated to include consistent alignment and presentation of WBS elements.  The latest version of the roadmap is the culmination of several years of effort to harmonize the ASAP methodology’s treatment of outputs/deliverables (what to do) and methods (how to do things) with industry standards, especially the PMBOK Guide.

Or this one?

..or this one?

We also place much more emphasis, in the roadmap and in our training, on using the work breakdown structure as a communications tool.  While the WBS should organize and define the total scope of the project — thereby forming the basis for schedules, budgets, and resource plans — it should be a tool to communicate to a wide variety of stakeholders.  It is essential to have both graphical and list views available.  In particular, the WBS should not be a way of overwhelming senior management with detail.  It should make transparent to all what will delivered and the work required to do so.

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