PM Quote of the Day — Abigail Adams

A little of what you call frippery is very necessary towards looking like the rest of the world

Besides the fact that that I love the word “frippery“, I’ve found that the United States’ Second First Lady had a point.  In my case, I sometimes tend to discount some of the small courtesies required of a leader.  You know, like sending a birthday note or putting on a end-of-project celebration party.

The reason I do so has nothing to do with malice.  I just don’t think such things are all that important or necessary; in other words, I consider them frippery.  My attitude is an example of why Karl Popper’s amendment to the Golden Rule — quoted in an earlier post here — is so important to remember.  Hard as it is to believe, just because I don’t think something is unimportant or trivial doesn’t mean that it is so for all :-)

I am more mindful of showing small kindnesses today.  However, as back-up, I take care to have someone on my team who is more aware of such niceties and reminds me of them as needed.

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