The Hierarchy of Beards

You... a Hyneman?  I bet Kari can grow a Hyneman faster than you!

You... a "Hyneman"? I bet Kari can grow a Hyneman faster than you!

Finally, a guide to where one’s facial hair fits in the great chain of beard being.  I’m afraid I’m at “Comic-Con” right now (though my only “Con” experience is “Star Trek”).  I’ve had fuller beards before, but they’ve been pretty lame and untamed (in between a “Wandering Jim” and a “Brillo Brush”).

I have my quibbles with the taxonomy.  For example, it is a dream of mine to get to a “Hyneman” one day — I don’t get how it can be below my current level.  But it gets the lamer variants right.

BTW, kudos to my dad, who at one time sported the pinnacle of beard evolution — the “Claus-Esque”.  I hope it wasn’t jealously, but sadly his son’s malign influence has dragged him down to a “Comic Con” as well…

Travel Tip — Don’t trim facial hair when jet-lagged

Yes, this AM your humble correspondent has humbled himself further.  I went to trim my Van Dyck, oops, it isn’t there anymore.  I’m clean-shaven again, sporting a look I haven’t sported for a while.  Here’s a pic from my younger, more rabble-rousing days.

I guess this is two travel tips in one.  First, don’t trim your facial hair when jet lagged because, second, you’ll likely forget to check the trimmer setting!  One pass with the trimmer and I knew the sucker was doomed…

It will grow back fast, thankfully, so I’ll be back to my old hirsute self soon, though!  Much better look, don’t you think?

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