Over-reading the SAP Headcount numbers

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld is reaching a bit with his analysis of how SAP is reacting to the economic crisis (here).   As he notes, SAP has implemented a hiring freeze.  But the Americas evidence he proffers doesn’t show that SAP is “trimming headcount” — or at least that the trimming is driven by the financial crisis.  Three questions come to mind:

  1. Given the SAP turnover numbers Tom cites (9%), isn’t the 165 net HC loss is negligible (about 1.5% of the >10000 pre-BOBJ headcount)?  
  2. Wouldn’t realizing synergies from the Business Objects acquisition allow the Americas — where the majority of BOBJ resources reside — to take its time in backfilling such turnover?
  3. FInally, don’t these Q3-2008 YTD numbers cover only about 15 days of the financial crisis?

IMO, Tom is over-reading Between the Lines :-)

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