Favorite blog analysis toy — Quantcast

I’ve fooled around with a number of analysis tools and Quantcast is my current favorite (main site here, Crossderry’s stats here).  It is very easy for me to use because I have a hosted WordPress blog, so the stats flow naturally to the site’s analysis engine.  BTW, the mid-September screw-up in my stats was a self-inflicted wound (I tried to install the counter myself).

Now, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the traffic, geographic, demographic, and lifestyle stats.  Because Quantcast depends on WordPress stats, it does miss my “feed reads.”  But the rest of the stats do make some sense, though I can only imagine the wild generalizations they need to make to get to these figures. 

I’m particularly proud that I attract “more visitors of other ethnicities here than average.”  Just call me Mr. Diversity…

Measuring Blog Reach/Impact…beyond Technorati

Well, it appears that Technorati is somewhat recovered from its earlier dysfunction (see here).  However, it is far from all the way up.  I still need to manually ping it to get posts to appear and I don’t trust my authority and rank numbers anymore.  Never mind the cries for help, satisfaction, and justice I hear that still go unanswered by Technorati support.

Because I’m on a WordPress-hosted blog, I can’t use some analytics packages, but I’m looking to move beyond Technorati.  I’ve found at least three reasonably-useful sites thanks to Sara at Pajama Professional (post here). 

Xinu Returns pulls together a good summary of ratings — especially the backlinks — from a variety of social media sites.  I’ve found it useful to use CubeStat or Website Outlook in conjunction with Xinu Returns, mostly to validate my pageviews/day (which are incomplete in WordPress-hosted stats).

Any other sites/approaches to recommend?

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