India Culture Introduction

During my India visit our class was introduced to some parts of India culture.  The approach was interactive and kinetic, which was very effective.  We got to make our own turbans and played an quick game of kabaddi.  

We also learned a few Bollywood dance moves.  I showed my son a few of them over Skype — which was as frightening as it sounds — and he took to it right away.  He’s been dancing up a storm ever since, though he’s ain’t no Hrithik…yet!


India Observations: Newspapers here give value for money

Even the Times of India isn’t content to deliver simply national, international, sports, and business news.  It stretches to give you news you can really news — fresh updates on all your Bolly and Hollywood stars.

Real value for money here: it is like getting the Washington Post and National Enquirer on your doorstep every day.  One difference though, the star’s pictures are almost uniformly flattering. 

Not that I would know myself, that’s what other people have told me about the Enquirer, anyway :-)

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