How I found Mead Johnson and my new role…

I wasn’t particularly looking to leave SAP when the Mead Johnson opportunity came across my desk. In fact, it didn’t come across my desk. I was researching another opportunity that had been presented by a recruiter.  Lo and behold, my Googling turned up an intriguing posting for a Global PMO role that was more than the typical PMO role.  I sent my CV across the transom and voila…I was on the short list. 

As you all probably know, getting a senior role via a blind submission is a Black Swan event, but it was far from random.  Therefore, I need to send kudos to my partners in finding and securing this role.

  • First, Wendy Haylett at crafted an outstanding CV.  The recruiter told me that he received hundreds of resumes and CVs. As you might imagine, his firm used analysis software to cull resumes.  Mine rose to the absolute top thanks to Wendy.
  • And said recruiter — Jeff Schwartzman at LagunaSource — was perhaps the best executive search professional I’ve ever worked with.   Jeff did a great job of keeping me in the loop, characterized the opportunity and its level appropriately, and gave me excellent advice and counsel about how to position myself most effectively.

I’ll have more to say about the “macro”, career, and personal reasons for my decision.

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