Improving Trust

Extending my earlier post (here) on Charles Green’s Trust Quotient test (here), improving my strength in Credibility is related to my weakness: “Work on the “softer” sides of credibility—truthfulness, being more open, sharing more truth—about the emotional as well as the rational side of things.”

As you might guess, my primary weakness is in Intimacy, which is about is about how safe people feel sharing with me. This makes perfect sense to me — I used to try to keep a certain degree of distance (even intimidation at one time).  Apparently, if I were able to improve my intimacy score, then I would start to see that:

  • People would feel you are discreet [and] empathetic
  • You would risk sharing personal things about yourself [and] about others
  • People would take you into their confidence.

There are some specific tips listed below…I’ve bolded the areas where I think that I need to get better and italicized where I’ve made some progress.  I’m a bit chary of commenting on other’s feelings and I need to be more conscious about my non-verbal communication, no doubt.  I have stopped writing most stupid e-mails; however, my “fails” tend to be less frequent, but more profoundly stupid (see my “overthinking” mail (here). Continue reading

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