SAP SME Portfolio Précis

Yesterday, tossed Don Fornes’ post on SAP’s SME solutions over the Crossderry transom.  All-in-all it is a good overview, with a couple of caveats:

  1. Industry coverage of the SAP Business Suite and All-in-One is depicted as equal and that’s a stretch.  Perhaps I need to brush up on my SAP release strategy, but I recall that industry solution coverage for All-in-One is not nearly as extensive as that of the full Business Suite.
  2. I like that Don highlights the NPV calculations you need to make for on demand vs. on premise.  It is easy to forget that what looks cheap now ain’t so cheap after you’ve been paying for a few years.  However, he’s not clear what the $27,416 NPV represents.  It looks right per user (at $149/month and using his assumptions of a ten-year life for software and a 6% discount rate).
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