Adding 100s of meetings to your calendar…yikes!

At least that was my reaction when I saw this post by John Baldoni (here).  But when you read the post, it doesn’t seem quite so crazy.  Here’s an excerpt:

Andrew Solnordal, a regional manager at Gulf & Fraser, a credit union in British Columbia…, is responsible for a nine-branch operation and more than eighty employees. He has committed himself to visiting with each and every employee once per quarter. Think about it – he’s adding 320+ meetings to his schedule per year.

That sounds daunting at first.  But even if each meeting were 30 minutes long, Andrew would still be spending less than ten percent of his time on these one-on-ones.  Not so crazy, eh?

My weekly jour fixe/standing meetings (not progress, status, or forecast meetings) with my team and most important stakeholders make up about five percent of my week.  Of course, my community numbers in the thousands, so talking to everyone isn’t practical.  But I should have the time to reach a bit deeper into my stakeholder pool. As Baldoni notes, this approach is

a key leadership behavior: go[ing] where the work is… [or] gemba, going where the value is.  

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