Week 10 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

As you may have guessed by the absence of performance reports, Operation Dunk 2010 was stalled for a bit.  I allowed the demands of work and family to get in the way, but we’re back on the beam.  Luckily, the damage wasn’t too great, as I have remained active. 

  • Weight — Up2.5 lbs from week 4 (251.5 from 249)
  • Wii Age — I’m at 37, which is down from my last two reading of 45 and 55.
  • My balance and endurance has been clearly improving.  I believe that stems from my concentration on the obstacle course, as that contains a jumping motion and gives a pretty decent 2-5 minute workout per run.

    Shiny, happy objects all around

    My brother introduced me to the concept of the “shiny object” — the distracting, alluring thing on which the unwary fixate.  Seth Godin uses the concept to get us focused on our goals and milestones.

    This post shows [again] why Seth is one of the wise marketing minds.  To the unwary, marketing is a kind of magic that can put a shine on anything or even polish a you know what

    Many, of course, only sell that shine.  Seth reminds us to begin with the end in mind if we want it to be more than a veneer.

    Week 4 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

    Making good and steady progress.  I’ve made higher and higher scores on some of the multi-player games, but unfortunately I can’t seem to save and track my ongoing progress on those.  Of course, my son regularly humiliates me on the snowball fights so maybe I should be grateful for no tracking!

    • Weight — Down 4.5 lbs from week 2 (249 from 253.5)
    • Wii Age — I’m still at 55, though the missing week’s age turned out to be 45.

    The balance tests are still a bit of a problem.  I’m standing straighter — my center of balance is just about in the middle now — but I still have some issues w/ shifting my weight.  Also, I find that my right leg is feeling the workouts more.  There clearly was something I missed in rehabbing from my long-ago broken pelvis.

    Week 3 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

    Now that I finally have published that promised post on performance reporting, I owe an update on Operation Dunk 2010.

    • Weight — Down 3.5 lbs from week 2 (253.5 from 261)
    • Wii Age — Forgot to measure this week… will assume I’m still at 55.

    I’m using the games to get some basic endurance and balance improvements underway.  I notice the difference already in the pace that I can keep up in my 1/4 – 1/3 walk to my office from the parking lot. 

    Finally, I’ve started the WiiFit strength training.  This has put some pressure on my balance issues, as the calisthenics in the program need me to balance on one leg often!

    Week 2 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

    I was about to post on how unreliable performance reporting — progress, status, and forecast — is one of the first signs of project trouble.  However, I realized that I hadn’t posted on my own “Operation Dunk 2010” performance, so here goes:

    I’ve made some progress on my weight (the weight reduction KPI is related to the improvement of my jumping capability):

    • Weight — Down 3.5 lbs from week 1 (257.5 from 261)

    Also, I forgot to mention that I’ve started work on my balance and coordination capability with my Wii Fit.  There is a basic balance test that combines with my BMI to give me a Wii Age.  That’s probably as good a proxy for balance and coordination improvements as any, so it will be KPI #2.

    • Wii Age — Down six years from week 1 (55 from 61).

    What will I need to “build” so I can dunk?

    Per my last full post, I want to re-build my capability to dunk.  And to make sure that we all “know what done looks like”, by dunk I mean to dunk a men’s regulation basketball in a 10-foot goal by EOY 2010.   As I broke down the work, there are at least three sub-capabilities I need to have:

    1. Sufficient jumping ability to get my hands far enough above the rim.
    2. Sufficient “ball skills” to dribble or manipulate the ball (so it can be in my hands far enough above the rim).
    3. Sufficient balance and coordination to manage those two capabilities.

    My dim memory of basic physics (see this site on vertical jump power), my awareness of my ever-expanding waistline, and multiple years of rust on my jumping muscles will have me focus on jumping ability first.  This will involve reducing the amount of mass I’ll need to move — KPI #1 — and increasing the acceleration I can impart on that mass (not sure the KPI for this one yet).

    BTW: The KPI #1 baseline is 261 lbs as of 1/4/2010.  I have a Q1 target at home, but I don’t have it handy (probably in the 240’s).

    Building capabilities for the New Year

    I’ve struggled to find relevant topics for a while now.  It was far easier for me to post good stuff while at SAP because it was part of my job.   It is far harder to at Mead Johnson because the most interesting material is best left unaired.  I’ll try to throw out nuggets where I can, but I’ll need to be discreet.

    I hope that I’ve found a better “hook” to keep me posting on leadership and project management — having my New Year’s Resolutions focus on building capabilities.  I went through a litany of ideas — weight loss, exercise, savings, etc. — when I realized that these were pretty abstract goals.  In fact, most were essentially measures without any reference to the capabilities I should get from them.

    Call it a flash of inspiration or a flight of fancy, I decided that my New Year’s Resolution for 2010 would be to build the capability to dunk again by year-end.   I’m in the midst of building deliverables and measures to support that goal.  I’ll post on my baseline shortly!

    Why dunking?  As I watched a college hoops game last week, I realized that it had been 20 years (plus) since I had dunked a basketball.  In fact, that would be about the last time I had motored around the court with any purpose.  Watching that game reminded me why so many of my New Year’s Resolutions had failed.  They had been abstract objectives — tied to deliverables or capabilities — that failed to inspire or motivate me.

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