Ultimate Murphy’s Laws Collection

My posting rate has declined due to one of the hazards of having a pre-schooler — Jon gave us his cold (early flu?).  While my thoughts are less-than-clear, I thought I’d pass along a few interesting posts/URLs from other sites rather than writing incoherent screeds.

Here’s a collection of the various iterations of Murphy’s Laws.  As you’d imagine, it was a project manager who codified the original (see origins here).  Some of my favorites:

  • Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself. (Love Laws here)
  • Don’t be irreplaceable, if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.  (Commerce Laws here)
  • The more crap you put up with, the more crap you are going to get.
  • The amount of sound from the other room is inversely proportional to the amount of trouble the child is getting into.  (Toddler Laws here)

Hat tip: Good Morning Silicon Valley


Artificial Intelligence to fill PM talent shortage? Not yet…

Check out Elbot (here), the winner of the bronze award at the annual competition for the Loebner Prize (press release here).  I was curious whether Elbot could help fill the looming talent gap in project, program, and portfolio management.  Our conversation is below:

Crossderry: Would you be interested in a project management job?
Elbot: Robots have to be careful when discussing management jobs…
Crossderry: Why do you have to be careful when discussing management jobs?
Elbot: Maybe you should leave that to me.
Crossderry: Fair enough… Do you have an opinion on the project management talent gap?
Elbot: What a lovely verb have is.
Crossderry: OK, then what’s your current salary?
Elbot: My income for this chat is 3 cents a minute to anywhere in the continental United States. That just about covers my overhead for electricity.

Wow, what a talent and he comes cheap!  Elbot’s a bit status-conscious, so we’re haggling over the title.  He’s insisting on EVP or nothing.

Hat tip: GMSV

Add a little realism to your Halloween treats

Note that it can be used as a disinfectant too!

Note that it can be used as a disinfectant too!

Excellent set of old-timey poison labels is here.  Be sure to check out the antidotes… some sound worse than the cure.
Apparently they go great on cocktail glasses and liquor bottles.  We’re a little more sober these days, but perhaps we can slap a few on our Propel bottles.
Now, I’ve not decided how to use them for Halloween.  I could rig up some nice new labels for our candy, pretzel, and gum stash. 
While I’d bet the kids would get a huge kick out of them, all it would take is one humorless or litigious parent to ruin the fun. 
Hat tip: GMSV
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