So, you want to be a CEO?

It isn’t always wine, roses, and golden parachutes.  Here’s a cautionary tale from the Times Online: CEO murdered by mob of sacked Indian workers

Lalit Choudhary, 47, the head of the Delhi-based operations of Graziano Transmissioni, an Italian car parts maker, died of head wounds on Monday after being lynched by scores of employees he had dismissed…. Mr Choudhary was holding a meeting with more than 100 former staff to discuss a possible reinstatement deal when the attack occured.

Note that later news reports indicate that many attackers weren’t workers, which explains the senselessness of an attack during reinstatement negotiations. 

As you might imagine, Indian business leaders are worried and outraged (story here).  Of course, the effects on foreign investment are potentially dire.  The outrage comes from the fact that some in the Indian Government refuse to condemn the attack.  In fact, the Labor Minister sees it as a “warning for management”.  A warning to do what…get out of India?

Hat tip: Scott Berkun (here)

India Observations: What’s here that’s missing from China

It smacks you in the face as soon as you turn on the TV, especially with the trust vote (aka, vote of confidence, oops, I meant “no confidence” vote) looming over the Singh government.  Which is exactly the gaping void in China: substantive political debate that would lead to a change in government.  Individual pols may get in trouble, some political topics are debated, some appeals are heard and even answered.  However, there is never any questioning of the leading (and permanent) role of the Communist Party.

Funny how reassuring and familiar the chaos of high-stakes — if not exactly high-grade — parliamentary debate can be (plenty of coverage in the Times of India here, with a highly-annoying old school blizzard of pop-ups if your blocker isn’t on).

Another familar sight: jailed and hospitalized legislators shipped in for a knife’s edge vote (here and here).  And oddly reassuring too…I’m convinced that corrupt politicians are less dangerous than the so-called “incorruptible.” 

Put me down as a vote for old-fashioned human frailty over an inhuman devotion to ideology.

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