My son almost doomed Germany…

Jon had already put on the “wrong” shirt before my wife could get to him. He flat-out refused to change into his Ballack jersey…I was a little worried, but I figured Turkey was so short-handed that there wouldn’t be any harm.

Whew, that was closer than I would have liked! Deidesheim was awfully quiet at times as Turkey swarmed, especially early.

That jersey is going on first thing before the final….how could I face my German colleague not having done “our” part?

My (non-German) rooting interest in Euro2008?

I was hoping that the Netherlands would pull through last night — sorry, Bas — and I’m not sure who to pull for.  Of the non-German teams remaining, that is.  I work with a number of Dutch colleagues and have always liked the Netherlands’ style of play (since 1974, anyway), so they were obvious.

Well, here’s what I’m thinking with Spain and Italy about to head to extra time:

  • Turkey: No personal contacts.  Sorry, but I’ve got to go with SAP’s homeland.
  • Russia: No personal contacts. That was a heck of a second overtime period — echoed Italy’s overtime vs. Germany in 2006 — but I’m not sure I can go with that heimat !.
  • Spain: No personal contacts.  I can at least read, write, and (somewhat) speak Spanish, but can I put my heart into a team that has broken so many others over the years?  Ay que lastimaCreo que no.
  • Italy: Well, I do know one potential Azzurri fan.  Also, I can (OK, could) read enough Quattrocento/Cinquecentro Italian back in my history grad school days.  However, the Carbineri would shoot me on sight if I tried to speak it.  I don’t think the saying goes: “lingua Toscana in bocca Swamp Yankee.”

I guess I’ll have to go with the most compelling story line, which is Italy and the potential of a WC 2006 semi-final rematch. 

Now would someone please score so I can get to bed!

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