“Change gap” from 2008 Global CEO Survey

This result from the 2008 IBM Global CEO survey (intro here) illustrates the suddenly yawning gap between what executives see as their needs/expectations for change and their firms’ demonstrated ability to do so.


Two thoughts came to mind once I saw these numbers:

Sorry, but in this case... two out of three is bad

Sorry... two out of three IS bad

  1. The success rate for “change” could suggests a perceived success rate for initiatives (e.g, projects and program).  While ~60 percent is better than other numbers published re: project success rates, it is sad that even this optimistic figure wouldn’t merit a “D” in school.
  2. How quickly we’ve gone from complacency to urgency.  IMO, much organizational wankery that was tolerated — and even rewarded — a few years ago isn’t likely to survive.   At least not in its current form…
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