Good meeting “rules” seed list and its use in practice

I like this meeting rules/tips list from Harry Hall (@harrythall). They’re all good, though I’d add “no open devices (e.g., PCs or tablets)” and “schedule the meeting’s end-time to allow people to get to their next meeting (e.g., end agenda at 9:50 AM vs. 10:00 AM)”.

One process tip: if this meeting will be an ongoing event or part of a project, have the participants make up the ground rules. In other words, don’t set a list like this — no matter how good — in front of the group. It says “here’s how we do business in my meetings”, which implies it isn’t their meeting. For one thing, some of these are meant only for the leader. For another, one loses an easy way to start one’s group norming, storming, etc.

My experience is that such lists are good aide memoires to that you can use to augment your team’s ideas…via a suggestion at the end.

Bad meeting habit indeed

In a recent comment on “Improving Trust” (here), a colleague at SAP calls me out on a meeting etiquette lapse.   I find it has become especially bad when I’m sitting in on a meeting or “showing the flag”.  In other words, I’m in a meeting room to observe and occasionally comment, but not an active presenter or participant.  The sad thing is my behavior is prohibited by the PMO meeting rules I helped facilitate and that I enforce myself.

I should just excuse myself and leave the room.  Or I could just close the laptop!

Any other crappy meeting behaviors to share?

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