A few observations on Mumbai…

Seeing the names “Taj” and “Oberoi” in the news so often was disconcerting to say the least.  Though I’ve never stayed at either chain, everytime my team or I prepare to travel to India we’re usually choosing one or the other.  No surprise here that these chains were targeted by terrorists looking for Americans and Brits (n.b., changed per a commenter’s feedback) to make global news.  As one of my commenters noted, most of the nearly 200 killed were Indians (16 non-Indian dead at this point).

The world in all its wonder and worry seems so close by, even though I’m not traveling a lot these days.  I just talked with a blogging mate who two weeks ago had been eating at a Mumbai location that was attacked.  In July, I left Bangalore just after the election and just before a rash of bombings. 

Maybe the world feels close because the coverage of Mumbai felt so familiar, especially when when US news channels went to the India news channel coverage.  After many jet lagged nights in India, I knew those Indian news outlets very well — the graphics, the anchors, the language.  I even smiled seeing those text messages commenting on event coming from Krishnan, Aparna, Lakshman, etc. scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

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