Agile Mythbustin’ (RT @bobsarni, HT @brown_note)

Nice collection of agile “objection” answers, though I’d be a bit kinder to the resisters. Turn the right ones and they’re your strongest, most effective advocates. (RT @bobsarni, HT @brown_note) Agile Doesn’t Work For…: Ever run across these guys? People whose lack of experience or fear of change cause th…


The Hierarchy of Beards

You... a Hyneman?  I bet Kari can grow a Hyneman faster than you!

You... a "Hyneman"? I bet Kari can grow a Hyneman faster than you!

Finally, a guide to where one’s facial hair fits in the great chain of beard being.  I’m afraid I’m at “Comic-Con” right now (though my only “Con” experience is “Star Trek”).  I’ve had fuller beards before, but they’ve been pretty lame and untamed (in between a “Wandering Jim” and a “Brillo Brush”).

I have my quibbles with the taxonomy.  For example, it is a dream of mine to get to a “Hyneman” one day — I don’t get how it can be below my current level.  But it gets the lamer variants right.

BTW, kudos to my dad, who at one time sported the pinnacle of beard evolution — the “Claus-Esque”.  I hope it wasn’t jealously, but sadly his son’s malign influence has dragged him down to a “Comic Con” as well…

Mythbusters finally get around to PM myths

A memento from a particularly "shiny" project...

Now, add a little gold-plating and it will be perfect...

And two of my favorite phrases in the project management idiom were tested in this week’s episode.

  • Hitting the ground running doesn’t work.  I’m not very surprised.  Coming into a project, then running around madly never suited me, nor did it appear very effective. 
  • And indeed one can polish a turd.  Not that I needed confirmation — Lord knows that I’ve seen and done my share of shining s***.  More surprising is that there is an established and effective technique (here).

Now, who will be the brave soul that recommends Dorodango as an entry for the next PMBOK Guide glossary?

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