Our new patio door and brand promises

We just had a new patio door installed — it’s an Andersen door that replaces the no-name door that came with the house.  The quality of the glass, the amazingly easy glide in the track, the fit and finish of the hardware are all outstanding.  The door itself is everything that you’d expect from the Andersen brand.

But when I sat down at the kitchen table and admired the new door, none of those first impressions were top-of-mind.  What I remembered was the impossibility of getting replacement parts for our no-name door, in particular the door lock.  When the lock had broken, neither we nor our locksmith could find a replacement.  We ended up paying good money to install a separate lock.  The locksmith’s words: “Well, you wouldn’t have had to worry about that with an Andersen.”

Why do so many firms brag about an “initial satisfaction award from rating firm X”?  Talk to me about whether you’ll be able to service your product in five years or about how many of your customers buy from you again — then I’ll begin to be impressed.

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