Top 25 Project Management Blogs (from oDesk blog)

Tamara at the oDesk blog has pulled together a list of her top 25 blogs (here).  The list contains some on my Google Reader list, but about half  I had never read before. 

Of course, it was nice to Crossderry included.  It was even better that my “short post” style was appreciated.  Lots of sweat goes into getting these posts under 250 words!


Interview on PMOs by Michael Krigsman

Last week Michael and I had a great discussion on PMOs — what they are and how they contribute to IT governance and project success.  In particular, the SAP PMOs have a unique role in optimizing the success of the entire SAP ecosystem…otherwise, relations among the stakeholders can devolve into what Michael calls the IT Devil’s Triangle

The post and podcast (player is at the top of the post), are here.  Thanks to Michael for arranging this and for even taking a good photo of me!

WSJ Interview on “The Experience Trap”

FYI, a Wall Street Journal article (“Dangers of Clinging to Solutions of the Past”) based in part on interviews w/ yours truly came out today (link here, page B4 in the paper).  Thanks to Kishore Sengupta of INSEAD for pointing the WSJ my way and to Phred Dvorak of the WSJ for conveying the perils of experience so well and so succinctly. 

As I’ve noted to a couple of colleagues, it is hard to believe that only 250 words of copy came out of two hours of interview time.  Insert your own joke re: my verbosity here…

Subscribing to Crossderry via e-mail

By now, the preponderance of my readers are syndicated (via newsreaders).  However, at first, most were e-mail subscribers, but now they’re only about 10 percent of the total. If you’re interested in getting Crossderry in your inbox, use the following link to sign up:

Culture-Driven Complexity

Peter Thomas’s recent comment (here) and his post on developing an international BI strategy (here), reminded me that I had forgotten to post on some interesting dimensions of project and project complexity.  Or at least they’re interesting to me…

This PDF outlines some of the complexity that culture introduces to managing global projects.   It’s nothing revolutionary, but I’ve always liked two aspects of these slides:

  1. One slide outlines the cultural dilemnas well: “How does an India-based SAP project manager talk to a Manhattan-based marketing analyst?”
  2. Another reminds us that we need to remember that we’re individuals, not stereotypes… and yes, I’m the Paul R. on that slide.

Jerry Manas on the Virtual PMO

Finally got a chance to meet one of my fellow bloggers in meatspace… Jerry Manas (from The Marengo Group and PMThink!) and I presented at the PMO Summit put on by The Performance Institute.  Excellent conversations, as Jerry relates.

I’ll post later on some key points of my presentation later and the rest of the day I attended, but for now here’s a link to Jerry’s thoughts on the virtual PMO.

Keynote on PMO — 6 February, Arlington VA

I just realized that I forgot to tout an upcoming talk I’m giving at the 2009 Project Management Office Summit, 5-6 February 2009 (info and registration here, brochure here).  My session is the Friday keynote at 0900h: Advance an Established and Operational PMO: Lessons from a Mature PMO

You can find plenty of good advice about how to spin up a new PMO, but I’ve not seen enough solid guidance on how to build upon initial successes.  In fact, a successful PMO can sow the seeds of its own demise if it doesn’t continuously change — e.g., what worked in year one becomes dysfunctional in year three.  To that end, I’ll talk about common pitfalls and how to overcome or avoid them. 

I hope that Crossderry readers will be able to make it… I look forward to chatting with you all!

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