Don’t forget the “corner cutting” poll

I’m getting some good response to the “corner cutting poll” on the right sidebar of the blog itself, but I’ll leave it open for a while longer. 

For my newsreader subscribers, the poll’s direct URL is here:

Finally figured out how to post polls on sidebar

As they say: “When all else fails, read the directions.”  The latest Crossderry poll is now on the right-hand side bar.  Also, I have a button under the latest poll that will let you access earlier polls. 

I’m very interested in your opinion, so please respond if you get a chance…

Initiative success measures — poll results to date

The results for the poll are still tallying — it is still open and the link is in a widget on the upper right-hand side of this page.  We only have 11 responses, however, so if folks want to skew them there’s still time!

POLL RESULTS as of 3 July — What is the most important measure of initiative success?

  • Delivered on time — 0%
  • Met the expectations of key stakeholders — 27%
  • Delivered on budget — 0%
  • Achieved company/organization objectives — 55%
  • Initiative leader remained employed — 9%
  • Other — 9%
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