PM Quote of the Day — Guy Bellamy

Hindsight is an exact science.

This quote puts a nice twist into the old “20/20” saw.  Mining the past for clues is all well and good, but this practice can be just as destructive and wasteful as many mining techniques.

Project debriefs…the Army way

Nice post on after-action reviews (AARs, or what we call reviews or debriefs) by Ed Kless at VeraSage.  Ed relates the experience of an United States Army officer in his class (post here).  I especially liked two points:

At AARs all personnel remove their hats. This signifies that in the AAR there is no rank. Insubordination is not possible.

While there is no rank, junior ranks are encouraged to speak first. Often times they are the ones who see the problems and therefore possible solutions more clearly.

Also, Ed’s student provided a copy of the U.S. Army’s manual (here).

Hat tip: Dennis Howlett

Knowledge Management for Kids

I had forgotten about these slides from our project debriefing tool and process rollout.  Just in time for summer vacation, here is a beach-related lesson learned from my son…

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