Serendipity in WordPress — the “Related Posts” feature

WordPress added a feature called “Possibly Related Posts” that identifies posts that may be of interest of the readers of one’s post (explained here).  I’ve left the feature on in my blog, but I forgot about it until I saw two new blogs in my “Clicks” stats (from my Triple Constraint posts here and here)

Sit down and shut up! had an older post on the Triple Constraint (here).  It was nice to see that Extreme programming still pays homage to the ol’ Iron Triangle.  Also, I have to like any post that references Spock’s lament from The City on the Edge of Forever.

Suburban Fizz posted on projects, life, and how the Triple Constraint is part of everyday living (here).  I try not to impose PM jargon on my family, but I smiled with recognition at many of the same trade-offs that have gone through my head.

My wife — a refugee from Wall Street — does occasionally use her past experience, however.  For example, when I ask about what might be good for lunch, she’ll reply:

Well, we’re way long hot dogs…

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