Perceptions and Stakeholder Management

I very much like the sentiments expressed by Claude Emond on the Reforming Project Management blog. (post here, blog here).   Too many project managers assume that delivering high-quality work product ensures a high-quality project.  Claude explains how stakeholder management affects perceptions of quality:

[P]roject quality, a strong indicator of project success, does not only depend on the physical characteristics of project deliverables, it also depends on HOW they were delivered. It means that a project is not only a destination, it is also a journey. It means that in matters of quality, BOTH the journey and the destination are important.

Doesn’t that make sense?  The final destination may be your ultimate goal; but how many on-time, on-destination trips have you made where a terrible travel experience ruined the entire trip?  In that light, shared positive perceptions among stakeholders of the project, its goals, its deliverables, and how you got there are the real criteria for project success.

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