Our adoptive family’s answer to the “real child” question

Jon Robot v3.5 -- Arched Brow Variant

I’m feeling a bit better, so here’s a light-hearted post.

We don’t get asked too many rude adoption questions — we live in a rural, but open-minded university town — but a woman asked me if Jon was my “real child”.  We were in line at the bank, so it was hard to back away all that easily. 

Luckily, my son is quick on the uptake, so we had our patter down…

WOMAN: “What a cute boy… Is he your real child?”

ME: “No ma’am, he isn’t.  Jon is a robot.”

JON: “No, no, daddy, I’m not a robot… I’m an ANGRY robot!  [to lady] ARRRRRRRRR!”

WOMAN: “Oh….”


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