Thomas Otter on HCM SaaS/On Demand Procurement

If you’re involved with SW procurement and aren’t following Thomas Otter (@vendorprisey, Gartner blog here, personal blog here), then please do so.  I saw his post on HCM SaaS/On Demand negotiations (here) and silently nodded my head in agreement.

As SaaS HCM deals come up for renewal, and procurement gets involved, it is now crystal clear that most HR departments have been contracting for HCM software without IT procurement involvement. One of our findings is that most of the time, HR departments are rather poor negotiators.

If you’re a Gartner client, then check out the research note (here, subscription required).


Krigsman’s 2012 trends: three quick takes

The always valuable Michael Krigsman (@mkrigsman, IT failures blog here) weighs in with a 2012 prediction: that rapid implementation will get more sustained focus.  I believe that there has been considerable progress over the years in improving both ERP implementations and ERP sustainability (see here for a bit of the bad old days).  However, there’s room for further improvement, especially in achieving consistent success.  Here’s my quick take on the three initiatives Michael highlighted:

Podcast Link — Enterprise IT: Inside an SAP customer

Here’s the promised link — Enterprise IT: Inside an SAP customer — to my recent podcast w/ Michael Krigsman.  I’ll elaborate a bit on f these themes in future posts.  As I mentioned earlier, the interview stoked my blogging fire again!

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