PM Quote of the Day — Sappho

When anger spreads through the breath, guard thy tongue from barking idly.

This quote is the first time I’ve gone back to an author a second time.  I found this quote along with the first Sappho quote I used, but was waiting for a good time to use it.  I’ve found this admonition useful this week because I’ve been more restless, irritable, and discontented than usual lately.  Nothing particularly bad or grinding; however, I’ve not been “quite right.” 

I have to be particularly careful with my words when I’m feeling this way.  There are plenty of justifiable reasons for my feelings, and that sense of justification makes my reactions even more unpredictable. 

If I’m not mindful of this precarious mental and spiritual state, I become prone to reacting poorly to usually innocuous stimuli.  The worst part is that I can justify such inappropriate reactions to myself quite easily — I’m not well, the dog’s run away, the Red Sox lost, etc.

PM Quote of the Day — Sappho

Love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables

How fevered and furrowed our minds become when we’re swept away by love!  Our beloved’s fleeting glances seem to last forever, while the shortest silences appear to be cruel slights.  Everything looks so right, always on the verge of going so wrong.

The delusions of romantic love can grip us in the business world as well.  I’m now recovering from such fantasies and fables myself.  I’ve had to take a step back from an initiative where I drove the approach, the design, and the initial implementation because my love for it has become a barrier to its acceptance and success

I’m so passionate about the initiative that I’ve lost more than a little perspective — I came to believe that I was the only one who understood it.  When objections were raised, I veered from sulking quietly to excitedly defending and justifying all that was done before.  Every time I spoke I was losing my audience and betraying my “love”.

Luckily, I was self-aware enough to step back and let go before I damaged my pride and joy irreparably… or before my colleagues slapped a restraining order on me!

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