Work-Life Balance isn’t a zero-sum game

Yesterday, I linked to the Stew Friedman “Don’t Leave Your Personal Life at Home” piece (article here, blog here).  I love his big idea: that work, home, community, and self don’t need to always be in conflict.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, work and the rest of your life don’t have to compete in a zero-sum game.  The secret?  Experiment with small changes that simultaneously improve your satisfaction and performance in all four areas of your life—work, home, community, and self.

I forgot to link to his little video (about seven minutes here) and toolset (below).

  • Articulating What Matters Most — A simple four-way chart (here) to highlight which aspects of “life” are important in one’s life, the kind of focus one has on them, and the level of satisfaction for each. 
  • Planning Small Change Experiments — Again, a simple worksheet (here) to outline two-three small experiments, the sole criterion being that one should only select experiments that impact all four aspects of life.

Now, time to take my son out to run some “errands”!

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