Inbound Comments and Links — July 2008

Stealing a march from the folks over at RelentlessPR, thanks to all linkers and commenters.  Links and comments are the about the only way for me to know if I’m writing something interesting, useful, or at least provocative.  I appreciate each and every one.

NOTE: I’ve registered at as a way of viewing all my comments and links in one place.  It also helps direct folks to your blog.  I’ve you haven’t registered there, I recommend it.



Interview on The Pakistani Spectator blog

I had been interviewed for old media before, but I just completed my first blog-focused quiz with The Pakistani Spectator (my interview is here).  Thanks to Ms. Ghazala Khan for asking, arranging, and conducting the interview.

It’s a group blog that is true to its tag-line — A Candid Blog — with tons of contributors with views and topics across every part of the spectrum.  An interesting exercise in free speech, warts and all.

Of course, I’ve really moved up in the world…back in the day, most of my interviews started something like this:

You have the right to remain silent…  ;-)

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