Why is “Dodge Caliber” my most popular search term?

The Ur-Caliber

The Ur-Caliber

The hottest Crossderry search term over the last few weeks has been “Dodge Caliber”, which brings folks to my “Benefits vs. Disbenefits” post. Probably not quite the take that most link followers expected, but the image does point them to Eric Beckinger’s cri de coeur.

I guess I should opine briefly on why I empathized w/ Eric’s rant: I had just rented a Dodge Caliber. The shape had intrigued me when I first saw it on the road. And though I had read a number of negative reviews, I was eager to give it a whirl once I saw it was my week’s rental.

Frankly, once you look past the profanity, Eric may be understanding the poverty of the Caliber driving experience. It wasn’t just bad, it was depressing. My mantra while driving it was “I’m so glad I didn’t get close to buying one of these.”

Oh, and I kept thinking back to the time I drove a Trabi…

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