Vanguard of the Agile Proletariat

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this post by David Schmaltz (here).  I got to the post via a post by Glen Alleman on earned value, but David’s post ended up having little to do w/ earned value.

In particular, he used developments at SEI and in Agile to lament the perversion by the “suits” of what “trailblazers” and “pioneers”.  A common enough complaint by pathfinders — e.g., Martin Luther wasn’t looking to create the “Lutherans” when he tacked up the 95 Theses and Karl Marx wouldn’t have been too happy about the various mutations of “Marxist” thought (Hoxhaism and Juche are my favorite deviations). 

However, a couple of David’s examples don’t ring true:

  1. The creation of the Agile Manifesto (and Agile Alliance) seems more like a “suit” activity than a “trailblazer” or “pioneer” activity.  After all, agile methods had been around for a while already.  To my eye, the Snowbird meeting looked more like the First Council of Nicaea, where the early Christian Church came together and came up with an agreed upon creed
  2. David mentions SEI has two factions — one of which he considers trailblazers and pioneers.  These are SEI founders and principals who believe that their original intent had been compromised by the “suits” who showed up.  Fair enough.  But if they’re truly still trailblazers and pioneers, why are they still w/ SEI?  Wouldn’t they have moved on to the next adventure?
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