Travel Tip: You have to leave before you can come home

I was moping a bit before leaving for China and India when my bright and beautiful wife nodded indulgently and said: “Well, you do need to leave before you can come home…”

It was a good thought to have in my head as I headed out to the airport. The outbound leg is always the toughest for me…I get a bit melancholy as I drive away. Once I get where I’m going, my mood brightens as I realize I’m as far away as I will get and that every day gets me closer to home.

Of course, my wife may have been simply trying to get me out the door.  She has to prep for those cabana boy interviews today.  I wonder what he’ll do considering we don’t have a pool…

Travel Tip: Picture pillow for the little one

My wife found that the Kodak Gallery (here) had added a new picture printing option: pillows.  Jon is pretty good about separation anxiety — we use Skype video calls extensively — but I was about to head on a multi-week overseas reunion tour. 

We thought the pillow would be cool, so we scrambled to get a picture that would combine three of Jon’s favorite things: Daddy, the Alligator, and anything from the Cars movie.  Well, at least I’m one of Jon’s favorite things when Mommy is within earshot…when she’s not around it is “I want momma!”

Anyway, it isn’t my most dignified pose, but the pillow turned out great and Jon seems to like it…

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