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Note: This PMO Metrics Lessons Learned page is an adaptation of the post linked to by Blog Carnival #17 (hosted on Elizabeth Harrin’s blog). 

These PMO Metrics lessons learned are from our experiences putting a strategic performance management framework in place in 2003.  The framework and our Global PMO’s experiences were presented to the Toronto PMI Global Congress (Strategic Performance Management).  My collaborator is Jim Pennypacker, from the Center for Business Practices (

The framework was essential in building out our approach; however, the lessons learned are what have stuck with me.  My fundamental message is that a PMO metrics approach cannot be static or slow-moving. The dynamics of the real world force adjustments in priority, reactions to changes in the environment, re-alignments in measurement selection or definition, and mitgation of technology or budget constraints.

I have a number of follow-on posts with more details, with the links below:

  • Prioritize Metrics — Leverage measurements that demonstrate successful execution against strategy.
  • Socialize MetricsInformal feedback is one of the most effective ways to validate whether metrics resonate with key stakeholders.
  • Measure Metrics — “How will you measure the measurements?”
  • Review Metrics — While building the first set of metrics, the PMO teams’ survey of best practices indicated that PMOs should watch from six to eight metrics. We ended up with ten…
  • Re-align Metrics — To promote new growth, metrics are re-aligned with maturity and the evolving strategic direction.
  • Position Metrics to PMO Levels — Metrics need to be planted in the right organizational unit(s).

One Response

  1. Paul,

    Absolutely agree with your comment “My fundamental message is that a PMO metrics approach cannot be static or slow-moving”.

    Too many PMO’s collect and report data because they think they should as opposed to thinking through the drivers abd benefits. Likewise, the metrics you may want to track as projects mobilise is different to those that are firmly in delivery.

    There is also the important point of a PMO demonstrating success. That is showing that their existence is making a positive different to the organisation.



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