The Perils of Content Co-Creation

My methodology team is moving into the deep end to leverage collaborative approaches to content creation, editing, maintenance, etc.  Miguel Cornejo notes the pitfalls of leveraging the power of one’s community (here)

[T]he entitlement that comes with co-creation, especially when it implies more than casually uploading a couple of videos. When you care, and you work with dedication, you usually do it out of a strong opinion of what you’re doing it for. When you come to believe you are key to the common effort, you want it to stay faithful to the vision you bought, or even to listen to your point of view. And you can get very emotional about it.

Miguel goes on to note examples of where a single disgruntled contributor held the entire work hostage.

Exactly right, and since our group is working on methodology collaboration, it seems appropriate to pull out the old saw:

What’s the difference between a methodologist and a kidnapper?

You can negotiate with a kidnapper…


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  1. Hi Paul,

    thanks for the quote. I’ll be looking forward to what your team concludes… that part of the pools is the one that interests me.

    Best regards,


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